HARDYBOND HYPER (WPC PVC Gel-Adhesive system

HARDYBOND HYPER is a high viscosity Gel-adhesive which has been specially formulated for joining WPVC versatile materials with hyper bonding strength. Gel material is a thick viscous material that holds the opposite surface more strongly for a longer and solid bond. This joinery system is waterproof as well.

HARDYBOND WPVC adhesive is instant in pasting, gives great results in carpentry/joinery works ensuring durability. WPVC Glue is also ideal to bond rough surfaces. The application of this super glue on the surface makes it smoother & makes the pasting easy. HARDYBOND HYPER is a special WPVC Adhesive does not get absorbed by the surface and can work on stone to WPVC as well.

WPC is an efficient, low cost & better-looking substitute to Plywood. It is being widely used for various tasks. HARDYBOND Gel Glue can strongly bond the WPC boards with Mica & PVC tapes in minutes without any other help, whereas other glues take up a lot of time & have to be clamped or taped to attain adhesion.