Applications of HARDYBOND

HARDYBOND is specially derived for a dedicated application markets of PVC based WPC materials. Poly vinyl chloride is a mother substrate that is largely getting welded with Cyanoacrylate material. CA (Cyanoacrylate) is effective and fastest joinery material for PVC WPC bonding.

A large plethora of WPVC products including WPVC Doors, WPVC Windows, WPVC Door Frames, PVC Doors, PVC Hollow Doors, PVC fluted panels, WPVC Louvers, WPVC Kitchen cabinets/carcasses, WPVC kitchen Drawers etc can be quickly joined with HARDYBOND CA.

WPVC moulding joineries in the variety of applications (ref of WPVC panel materials can be created by HARDYBOND CA or GEL. Many architectural designer products can be quickly manufactured for project supplies. We have developed several lantern designs, flower baskets, table pieces, decorative articles out of WPVC panels with HARDYBOND GEL.

HARDY SMITH head office at Ahmedabad is completely fabricated with HARDYBOND CA & GEL glues. You can find full height partition walls fixed with hardened glass are fabricated with CA glue only. We have not used any screws because of a design technique. All the furniture including Directors' tables, work stations, storage overhead units, ground mounted storage cabinets, temple structure, conference tables, sample storage house, waiting lounge sittings and decorative articles are simply made without any screw. They are all made with HARDYBOND WPVC adhesive systems only.