Since more than a decade HARDY SMITH has been instrumental in developing wood polymer composite markets in India. Journey started with technology & machinery business for WPC manufacturing, today company is known for it's WPC product brand HARDYPLAST.

HARDYPLAST is engaged with several manufacturing facilities including WPC boards, WPC Doors, WPC Door frames, WPC window sections, PVC Laminates & Marbles, WPVC Furniture, WPC decorative articles under WPC ART brand. In the history of last decade where we have been developing all different applications of WPC for educating the furniture and interior fraternity, we have found need of adhesive systems for it. Different companies are trying for developing adhesives for WPC. As a support system to HARDYPLAST's product segment that is being developed through WPC CENTRE franchise network, we have launched HARDYBOND as a WPVC adhesive system.

All these products has a base of PVC as a core raw material. Poly vinyl chloride is a material that tends to be melt and bond with Cyanoacrylate adhesives. And HARDYBOND is a perfect bonding and joinery agent for PVC based WPC materials. Material is available in two variants named as:

HARDYBOND – Instant Cyanoacrylate adhesive
HARDYBOND HYPER – Highly viscous gel adhesive