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WPC boards is a new generation product for young architects, those believe in delivering creatively qualitative portfolios for their clients. WPC by structure is a polymeric chain with natural fiber fillers - can be termed as an absolute green product by means of recyclability, Zero emission, Clean and hygienic product.

Available in different density range - application vide - WPC panels or boards are a life time investment product for Indian houses, offices, schools, restaurants, villas, kinder gardens and obviously kitchens. WPC is a moisture resistant, termite free and fungus free product which has better surface decoration properties than any other wood panel.

WPC panels are best in class products for sandwich construction for doors, windows, high thickness construction and other applications. Its unique polymer structure can work well with PVC solvent cement for different joinery items. Rapid construction of furniture modules can be possible with PVC solvent cement over WPC boards. A new era of 'NO Screw' furniture is coming up. Fastest assemblies in couple of minutes are now possible with this product.

WPC panels are available in any different colors, as per your requirement. You can choose Yellow panel for your table top and Red panels for your partitions. No wood panel can give such easy options in working. You can just heat band the entire 18 mm panel for making U shape for numerous designer applications in your furniture. Taking from smart toys to high end luxurious kitchen - WPC boards can make miracles throughout.

HPL, Veneers, Paper, PVC foils can be well pasted with WPC board surfaces. You can create direct printing modules through digital printing technique on WPC surfaces. This is a glamourous product in itself. Open to sky hotel furniture or ICU furniture with 100% hygiene - WPC boards are there.

Wave boards and grill boards in natural or painted mode can enrich your creations with no match! Taking from your bathroom wall designs to drawing room wall decoration - WPC wave and grill boards can give exotic touch.
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