Saftey Measures

Opening of bottle
Surface must be clean, dust free and dry. Puncture the nozzle tip with the pin in the box. Apply small amount on one surface and place another surface quickly together proper a perfect bonding.

Skin contact
Cyanoacrylate adhesives stick to the finger skin rapidly. In case of skin contact wash with abundant water immediately to defuse bonded fingers apart from each other.

Eye contact
In case of falling the chemical in eye wash your eyes with lukewarm water immediately and consult to your eye specialist doctor immediately.

Keep away from children
Keep the bottles out of reach of children in any case. This can be harmful for them, sensitively.

Close the bottle
Bottle once opened should be better used completely. If not, immediately close the bottle nozzle after every use.

Store the bottle in a cool and dry place below 25 degree Celsius. Shelf life of the bottle is 6 months only, so it is required to be consumed in time.